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Dear Customer

When you need a rental car, you have many choices on the Internet that seem to be just a “click” away. It would be wonderful if we lived in a world where consumers could completely trust the information that they find while surfing on the Web. Unfortunately, not all online companies are reputable – and it may be difficult to differentiate the legitimate sites from the scams.

We recently became aware of a fraudulent site that has reflected poorly on our company, and we would like to caution everyone to be alerted to the rip-off. Scammers have pirated pictures from our website and have created a similar site that is a pretense. People are booking cars from this bogus site by paying a rental fee in advance, but they never receive the car.

Please be assured, that at Prestige Car Rental Bangkok, we will only share pictures and specific details of your rental AFTER the reservation is properly completed.

When you rent a high-quality, luxury car from us, whether it is for one day or for a long-term lease, we know that you expect and deserve an honest transaction. We work hard to deliver a first class rental service, and trust is an important component of our relationship with you. Our elite rental deals are negotiated with your unique needs and budget in mind, and our deals are never completed until a proper sequence of steps have been taken.

You can rest assured that our car rentals are unrivalled in integrity with impeccable customer service, and we take pride in our international reputation. Whether you plan to hire a driver to take you downtown for a meeting or to transport a client to the airport, or whether you have decided to lease a car that you can drive yourself, remember – we are the experts. Our standards of conduct are without equal. Never conduct a rental car deal without following proper procedures and confirming it with one of our representative. Don’t let yourself become victimized by a scam!

The Management of Prestige Car Rental Bangkok